Boyan Yordanov

Systain Group is a partnership of three leaders who have come together to form a stronger team to support you. As the CEO of BL Consulting Ltd, I am honored to be a part of the global BNI family as a member of BNI Multinacional since October 1, 2023. Although my involvement with BNI has been relatively short, my connection to it dates back to the mid-Covid times when I was invited by Ivaylo Atanasov from Adamant Service Group to substitute for him in a meeting in 2020. Since then, I have had the opportunity to visit seven out of the thirteen BNI chapters in Bulgaria, either as a visitor, guest, or substitute. Now, I am proud to be a part of the global referral network that is BNI.

Meet my partners at Systain Group

Damien Dockery - Champion of strategy development and evaluation.

Emilian KroumovBeyond the Idea of Consulting - Stress Management and Psychological Consulting in Employee Assistance Programs.

Boyan Yordanov BL COnsulting member of Systain Group

Our field of business in BNI is ERP software. 

It is a totally misunderstood definition that we internally relate to a single or set of solutions that help businesses to be managed effectively.

I am a team worker, so I speak the WE language

We are experts in implementation and consulting services across a wide spectrum of business solutions. Our areas of expertise encompass ERP, CRM, MIS, Reporting, Service Management, Field Service Management, Manufacturing (MRP, DDMRP), Inventory, Warehouse Management, Accounting, as well as Sales and Purchases processes. We bring forth valuable insights and experience by leveraging strategic partnerships to deliver customized solutions for your business needs - SME and large businesses.

The scope of Systain Group services aims to create a strong value proposition to our customers and partners in various industry segments and practically businesses at any size and lifespan. 

Please contact me: Boyan Yordanov +359-888-563496  


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