BNI Multinacional

Export-oriented chapter, the only online chapter in Bulgaria

We Meet Online

We meet every Wednesday 14:45 EET (Bulgaria)

We love helping each other

We are so excited to help each other and well we meet also offline

Join us!

Referrals given
970 240
Business Generated in BGN
Incorporation in October
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Three Ways to Experience BNI

Enjoy a meeting type that best fits your lifestyle and business 

BNI In-Person 

A very personal way to meet, connect and grow.  We meet in person every quarter. Request info when this is happening.

BNI® Online 

A convenient way to meet, connect, and grow from the comfort of your home or office. We meet every Wednesday online.

BNI Hybrid 

Our team comprises 15 dynamic individuals aged between 19 and 99. We have open positions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

1 000 000 is the revenue generated in our chapter.

Join our community and make the right financial decisions.